Why Us


Systems Experience

Our developers have experience with many different types of systems including cloud-based, web-based API, CMS, CRM, e-commerce, mobile / tablet, digital asset management, and more.


Tire Industry Expertise

With our 25 years of experience and extensive contacts in the tire industry, we can assist you in market strategies and analytics, as well as marketing and licensing your new or existing system.


Skilled Developers

Pearl's developers are skilled in numerous programming languages, including: Delphi, C++, Java, Javascript, SQL, XML, Ruby, PHP and others.


Customer Service

Our services are centered around you. We utilize a flexible development process that uses your input to ensure an end result that you can be proud of.

About Us

Since 1989, Pearl Communications has provided application and database design, development and marketing services for new and existing systems in the automotive industry.

Pearl's reputation is built on quality results and customer service. An early leader in touch screen technology, Pearl developed the first electronic tire fitment kiosk in conjunction with Tire Guides in 1990. That early relationship expanded into a collaboration where Pearl produced and marketed electronic database products for Tire Guides. Eventually, this blossomed into the TGP Solutions LLC joint venture between Pearl and Tire Guides that was formed in 2012.

Pearl is recognized for the development and marketing success of Tire Guides' and TGP Solutions' products. We continue to build on this reputation for success as we provide application development for TGP Solutions and act as the exclusive representative for TGP Solutions in the marketing and licensing of TGP's tire industry products.

Pearl also provides database development and support for a number of large manufacturers in the tire industry. This support includes design and development of solutions, requiring state of the art calculations, to leverage customer products against original equipment tire fitments.

Pearl is also recognized for its ability to provide tire fitment solutions of all kinds. Pearl can provide everything from a stand-alone desktop application, a cloud-based enterprise solution, or a smart phone app.

Pearl's reputation is built on quality results and customer service. We will continually strive to meet and exceed the needs of the tire professional!

Our Affiliates

TGP Solutions LLC

TGP Solutions™ provides quality tire fitment and catalog data to meet all of your tire information needs.

Tire Guides, Inc.

Tire Guides, Inc., provides quality tire and fitment data in hard-copy booklet form.



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